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We are passionate about Mobile Development and pour our hearts into our products to make them unique, while always following the latest design trends.

With a strong background developing natively for both Android & iOS platforms, we always try to use the latest technologies to speed up our development and feel ready to tackle any challenge.

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About Us

"Good design adds value faster than it adds cost." by Thomas C. Gale

Back in 2012 we started developing our first apps to be deployed on Google Play, when Android was still in its infancy. We witnessed the change through the years and kept ourselves up-to-date with the new tools and design paradigms that helped shape Android into what it is today.

Starting 2016, we took the plunge into iOS Development using the new Swift Language and Apple’s Flat Design, where we thoroughly analysed all available tools and libraries to help us speed up our development process. In this platform, we developed cutting edge apps that use iBeacon and 360 Image technology in order to achieve immersion.

All this process was extremely rewarding, and we feel that we can now tackle complex projects for both platforms.

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Having a small team with 6-year experience developing Android Apps, we can respond to requests for small or complex apps that require synchronization with remote servers


Apple IOS

While developing your Android App, we can simultaneously develop your iOS variant, where the app architecture can be shared to speed up development



We will respect both platform design guidelines and will not try to force one into another. With Material Design for Android and Flat Design for iOS, your users will always feel at home



Before beginning the design process of your app, it's always a good idea to start by conceptualizing the main points of your app, like it's primary purpose and main features


User Research

We study how the user will react to new features and content in order to balance the user experience


User Experience

In this fast and connected world, users want to reach their content without delays, we craft apps that take this aspect into consideration


Portfolio 1

ADV Recorder

Android Screen Recorder


Portfolio 1

Fake GPS

Simulate your gps position


Portfolio 1

Coach Museum

National Coach Museum



Portfolio 1

My Sales

Manage sales and clients

Coming Soon

Portfolio 1


Your night guide



Portfolio 1

RPT Mobile

IPST Donor Management App


Portfolio 1

Roox Link

IT Support App


Portfolio 1

Your App

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